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Create a Picture Carousel Slide Show for your Website

Site Builder Slide Show

A picture 'carousel' is sometimes described as a 'slide show' or a 'slider' and it is created using large pictures which sweep across the screen.

What does it look like? Please have a look at the slide show displayed on the top of the home page of this website you are currently viewing.

Here are the key features we offer using the site builder and web templates:

  • The 'carousel' will automatically animate and sweep across to the next image in the sequence.
  • The 'carousel' has arrows at the left and right sides of the screen, to allow you to navigate backwards and forwards through the images.
  • There are small dots at the bottom of the 'carousel' which also navigate between the pictures.
  • If you view a 'carousel' using your mobile phone, you easily can sweep the images across the screen using finger swipes.

As a general rule, your picture 'carousel' will normally look more appealing if all your gallery images are the same height and width. On our home page example, all of our gallery pictures are exactly the same size:

1,300 pixels wide x 330 pixels deep.

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