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The site builder and web templates offer 4 different methods of displaying a picture gallery on your web pages:

1. Carousel

2. Grid Gallery

3. List gallery

4. Feature Panels

The great news is that after you have uploaded your gallery photos and created your gallery items, you can experiment and try each of the 4 different presentation methods for displaying your gallery by simply clicking one button.

It is worth mentioning that all your gallery pictures can be indexed on Google and the other search engines. Each gallery image is searchable within the website itself, depending on the keywords you add to each gallery item.


Let's explore these options in more detail:

1. Carousel

As displayed on the top of the home page of this website you are currently viewing, a 'carousel' is sometimes a 'slide show' or 'slider'. This is a collection of large pictures which animate and slide across the screen.

We provide left/right arrows which allow you to navigate through the image collection. When viewed on a mobile phone, you can swipe through the pictures with your finger and this feature is particularly attractive and engaging on a phone.


2. Grid Gallery

At first glance, this looks similar to a carousel, however the key difference is that we provide a grid of small thumbnail pictures underneath the main gallery image to help you to click and navigate through the pictures.

Once again, this type of gallery looks very appealing on a mobile phone and you can swipe through the pictures with your finger.


3. List gallery

This is a classic gallery presentation with thumbnail pictures presented in a vertical listing with a small passage of text (we call it 'intro text') sitting alongside each picture. Any thumbnail picture will click through to a large gallery image and it reveals a longer passage of text ('main text').

A list gallery is perfect for creating a job board listing and you can put an online job application form on each job description.


4. Feature Panels

This gallery presentation is a collection of picture panels framed with a keyline border. The panels animate as they assemble and appear on screen. This gallery looks very stylish and modern and it works particularly well for products or photographic images.

Both the 'List Gallery' and 'Feature Panels' are ideally suited for e-commerce and you can easily add a PayPal payment button to sit alongside each gallery item.

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