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Add Videos from Facebook & YouTube to Your Website

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Spice up your web pages and make your website more interactive and engaging by adding video clips. The most popular sources for video sequences are Facebook and YouTube.

To add a video to your web page, you need to get the video code (from Facebook, or YouTube, or another provider) and then paste the code onto your web page. It is quick and easy and the impact is immediate. Here are the exact steps you need to follow:

  • Using the site builder, in the 'Main text' section click the 'HTML' button (on the right-hand side).

  • 'Paste' your code into the window.

  • Click 'Update' and 'Save' (at the bottom).

  • And that's it!

Using the website service with the site builder and web templates, it is fast and simple when you want to create a gallery containing a collection of videos. It is worth mentioning that all your embedded videos are searchable within the website itself, depending on the keywords you add to each gallery item.

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