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Music Web Template & Music Shop with Shopping Cart

Create a Music Store Website with PayPal Shopping Cart

We offer a range of web template designs for musicmusic shops, and video.

We provide details on how to create a music shop website with PayPal shopping cart service and PayPal payment buttons.

Your website is supplied with a music search bar. So, this means that the tracks or songs you add to your website are completely searchable, based on the keywords you add to each description (each gallery item). What's more, the tracks or songs can also be indexed and searched on external search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (Live / MSN).

  • Music Shop Website Templates

    Music Shop Website Templates

    Reference: QUICK45686

    We offer flat-coloured menu buttons as standard, but you can also (for no extra charge) upload pictures/images to be used as menu buttons.

    To put you on the fast track, you will notice that we have already created a collection of picture menu buttons for this music site.


  • Music Website Design Templates

    Music Website Design Templates

    Reference: QUICK45687

    Are you ready to create your own PayPal Music Store? Building a music shop has never been this easy. Tell us the name of your music shop and you can start selling your music to your own customers. 


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