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Job Board Website Templates for Recruitment

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Job Board Website Templates for Recruitment

Job Board Website Templates

Recruitment AdvertBuilding a recruitment services website can take time and effort, but you will quickly discover we have already done a lot of the hard work for you.

Sign-up, log in, upload your photos, post your jobs and add your information. You will be pleasantly surprised with how quickly it can all happen.

As regards your specific business, we have created a stylish "word mark" logo to sit at the top and bottom of the screen area. Where it says 'YBN' and 'Your Business Name', we would obviously replace that wording with the actual name of your business.

It is also possible to add a unique business slogan for your recruitment company, to sit alongside the typographical logo image.

If you already have your own business logo, you can upload your JPG or GIF pictures and quickly change design to suit your needs.

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