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Your new website is fully optimised for mobile/cell phones, iPads and tablet computers without you even having to think about it.

To fully appreciate this point, we invite you to please compare this website you are currently viewing on your computer and mobile phone. Please feel free to check it out using an iPhone, an Android phone, or any other type of mobile phone running an internet browser.

Using the site builder and web templates, our latest website technology uses HTML5 to ensure your website is fully optimised for the widest range of different viewing devices, including the largest computer monitors, right down to the smallest handheld devices.

When the viewable screen area is reduced, the menu system will collapse into an expandable drop-down menu. Sometimes described as a hamburger menu or a sidebar menu, we use and industry-standard icon (a small three-lined button) to inform users there is a drop-down collection of menu items available.

The website pictures are also automatically optimised for mobile phone display. In other words, pictures which appear large on your website when viewed on a large computer screen will automatically reduce in size and expand to fit the mobile phone display.

Perhaps most appealing, all of this technology described above works in the background, without you having to plan for it. In other words, just build your website for a laptop or computer monitor and the mobile phone display will automatically take care of itself behind the scenes.

Making your website attractive to the eye when viewed on a mobile phone is central to this whole idea. Furthermore, we have also considered the usability of your website on a mobile device, to ensure your website is easy to use and simple to navigate. Even your picture carousel (slide show) or photo galleries are easy to use on a mobile browser and you can flick through the pictures with finger swipes, making it similar to using a mobile phone app.

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